PA080857  There are six computers in service at the site.  Five Linux based, one Windows needed for some configuration.  If you think we are running a data center, yes indeed we are.  We are moving to rack mount servers where possible. PA087357  a spare HP server - not in use, but available to be configured.  Notice that this unit has two power supplies. PA087360  Another spare computer. PA087363  Master control.  Not so often used as most things are now done remote.
PA087365  The Allstar/ Asterisk computer and the Windows workstation - needed for configuration tools that are Win only. PA087372  The new server standard at the LSR Bunker.  Rack mounted.  Contains the core Linux environment and needed horsepower.  But it also have a separate management computer to gain control should the server hang for whatever reason. PA080885  Slim line computers and thicker workstations.  All computers where possible no longer have spinning drives - now all solid state. PA080876  The big red buttons are the emergecny shutdown.  Must be careful not to bump into them.
PA080856  The console for all computers.  Just below the telephone is a KVM switch PA080858  Look at all the ethernet cables required for this setup!  Computers just about equal the number of servers. PA080867  KVM switch.  Spare networking parts to the left.  VoIP phone for emergencies. PA080859  A spare computer looking for a job.  A handy backup.
PA080863  Thin servers from SuperMicro.  ALl are running Solid State Drives. PA087403 PA087404  Lurking in the background is a wireless access point, so that our mobile phones will work in the bunker. PA087405  The back end of the Allstar server and the Windows platform.    And of course lots of wiring.
PA087409  The back end of the new SuperMicro servers.  Each server has three ethernet ports.  Backup connectivity and a port for a stand alone management interface - a back door if the Linux server runs amok. PA087410  Back of the DSTAR server and underneath, the AC power cords into the AC Power Controller. PA080874  Left - the burglar alarm and climate notification system.  Then we have the spare parts counter and a spare HP server.  The fans on this server sound like a jet engine.