PA080829  From the bottom - DC power controllers, RLC-DSP404 repeater controllers, and Ethernet switch.  If you look closer, you will see the MUS link radio. PA080833  The controllers are situated on top of the DC Power Management system. PA087366  Spare networking elements - needed - they have been pressed into service once.  We have a VoIP line for autopatch and site safety.  Everything sits on top of a KVM switch. PA087390  Can you find the link radio in the mess of controllers?
PA080865  DSTAR controller and the AC Power Controller. PA080886  Dense packing - looks clean on the front, but in the back, it is rife with wiring.  Communication between the RLC controllers is via VoIP.  Allows the mixing and control of twelve physical units / services. PA087407  This is one of the sensors for the bunker environment.  Lots of systems means heat.  We are alerted if this is an issue.  We can then initiate switch off of some of the heat generators. PA087416  Lots of controllers and RF equipment means coax and wires.  The new reality.
PA080884  Computers are also controllers.  They are also part of the remote management. PA087352  Yes we know - need to look at tightening up our ethernet wire management.  In the run of a day there is over 2 GB of traffic.