PA087385  Two new Kenwood commercial VHF repeaters.  VHF2 / 147.315 sits atop VHF1 / 146.850.  Underneath is a Nortel ethernet switch - 24 port. PA080843  This is the back end of the 100 Watt amplifiers for the VHF and UHF repeaters.  These amps are so light in weight i almost mistakenly threw it on the floor.  The fans only activate when the trasnmitter is keyed.  They are 100% duty cycle. PA087331  The three 100 watt amplifiers sit atop of the VHF / UHF repeaters. PA087377  The unit with the red cover is the GE 6M repeater.  We are hoping to install the new antenna soon.
PA087332  The back end of the FM VHF and UHF repeaters.  Lodged in between is Nortel ethernet switch.  Lots of wires - full time job to keep it all tidy. PA087333  The back of the Kenwood repeaters.  The units at the bottom at the 40 amp DC Power Supplies  They also serve as battery chargers and as uninterruptable power controllers. PA087334  At the bottom are the DC Power Controllers.  There is no lack of wiring.  Just on top are the DC Power Controllers - recognizeable with their Anderson power pole connectors PA087335  Just below the DC Power Controllers are the heavy duty batteries to drive the repeaters when the AC Power fails.
PA080830  Three Kenwood commercial repeaters with an obligatory microphone for testing.  Just above the UHF repeater, you can see the first of three Crescent 100W amplifiers. PA080835  Closest rack shows the APRS transceiver, 6M repeater and 50 amp power supply.  Furthest rack - bottom up - shows the DC power controller, repeater controllers, Ethernet networking and then the Kenwood repeaters. PA080836  A slightly different view of the same two racks with the multicoupling racks in the background. PA080837  Cloest is the third rack, which contains the AC Power Controllers and the DSTAR computer workstation.
PA087382  Close up of the 100 watt amplifiers. PA087388  Repeater packages are getting smaller and lighter.  Sign of the times.  Can make for denser environments capable of suporting more systems. PA087393  Bottom up - APRS, 6M, Astron PS for DSTAR, Remote base and interfaces. PA080880  Closest rack - Kenwood NexEdge Repeater and 100 watt amplifiers.  Next rack contains Astron PS, Remote Base, and then some of the DSTAR repeater components.
PA080868  Closest rack - new rack mount servers on top.  Below is the DSTAR controller, then AC Power Controller.  Second rack, DSTAR components.  Third Rack - new Kenwood VHF / UHF FM repeaters. PA087415  The wiring side of the Astron PS and the 6M repeater PA087419  Denser environments resulting from much smaller components - translates to a lot more wiring.  Labelling is our next major challenge. PA087420  The dense wiring environment - benefits(?) of smaller technology.
PA080872  Another global view of the rack environment - a fourth rack is sneaking into the picture, giving an idea of the network cabling involved. PA080873  Another view of the racks. PA080877  A view from the other side of the racks. PA080878  The blue box in the middle of the picture houses the IRLP computer / repeater controller interface board.
PA080879  The FM repeaters sitting beside the DSTAR framework.  Hiding is the FT8800 remote base. PA080888  FM repeaters and integrated power amplifiers.  They run cooler than you might think! PA080889  Computers and AC Power controllers. PA080890  More landscape view of the bunker - showing the Allstar computer, networking and the system console.
PA080891  Look at all the networking cables.  Necessary for a modern / integarted / remote managed environment.