PA080845  DC power cables are prominent here, but hidden in there are control cables and coax. PA087338  Hardline coax factors big at the site as well. PA080846  Some of the electrical had to be reworked at the site - thanks to the senior Doubrough. PA080839  The front of the racks look elegant.  In the back we deal with the magic of connectivity - RF - control cables - Ethernet.
PA080840  The new test administered when you come on board to help in site maintenance - disassemble all the cables - put them all back together again - blindfolded. PA080841  More Of the wiring. PA080842  Sitting on the floor and looking up.  If you look closely at the repeater cabinets, you will notice tha they are half filled.  So we added an Ethernt IP unit to remote control the repeater features and to collect monitoring info. PA080844  A closer look at the repeaters / empty cabinet space.  The mini boxes are the ethernet controllers for the repeaters.
PA080847  A portrait view of the cabinet and wiring. PA080855  The back view of the 6M repeater and wiring required.