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The BPQ32 application runs on a VE3LSR owned ubuntu linux server.  APRS functions on 144.3900 MHz throughout North America (144.8000 MHz in Europe and some locations in Quebec).  Unlike “normal” packet radio where the individual packets of data are addressed to a particular station/node (that in turn sends an acknowledgement after successfully decoding it), APRS data is broadcast in the blind using UNPROTO mode.  Special routing instructions within the packet determine how many subsequent digipeaters will rebroadcast the packet.  This ensures that the area of radio coverage is constrained within a practical geographic area without overloading the radio network over hundreds and even thousands of kilometres.  The BPQ32 APRS application used at VE3LSR also relays and receives APRS data through a system of world-wide Internet servers supporting client software such as UI-View and AGWTracker, and Internet sites such as

The APRS system is accessible by packet on a frequency of 144.390 Mhz


144.390 APRS-2m



VE3LSR operates a WinLink interface through the BPQ32 Winlink extension. It operates on 145.710 Mhz at 1200 bps. It supports the following connectivity:

- VE3LSR - BPQ Netrom style node

- VE3LSR-10 - direct access to the WInlink CMS infrastructure

- VE3LSR-2- direct access to a packet DXCluster at VE7CC

There are also several Windows Winlink RMS Packet gateways that can be accessed from the regional local area networks.  These gateways are part of an Emergency Communications (EMCOMM) sub-network supporting municipal Emergency Operations Centres and other supporting agencies.  They are not Netrom nodes.  They support keyboard mode and BBS commands, or in automatic mode using Winlink compatible client e-mail applications such as Paclink, Airmail, or Outpost.

Known Windows RMS gateways are:

VA3RVH-10 (Barrie)           145.710

VE3EOB-10 (Barrie) 145.710

VA3CTO-10 (Georgina Township)           145.710

VA3QT-10 (Barrie)           145.710

The Winlink 2000 Paclink application is a ham radio mail server that installs on your computer and interfaces with your choice of commercial e-mail application (default is Outlook Express).  The advantage over the other application choices is that, using your regular e-mail client, you have access to your personal address book.  In addition, you can integrate non-ham e-mail accounts (e.g. family members using the same or home networked computer).  This is possible because the callsign is tied to the Paclink mail server (meeting the requirements of the Radio Regulations which require Amateur Radio stations to be controlled by a licensed operator) while the e-mail application is simply an adjunct.  A more complete discussion can be found in the files of the Winlink User Groups.

You are encouraged to communicate with Ian VA3QT for more info. 


145.710 Packet-2m