Amateur Radio Audio News Available 

As part of our upgrades to the LSR suite of repeaters and associated Voice over IP technologies, we replaced the computer handling IRLP functionality offered by FM-2m-2

We are now offering audio newsletters from the following sources:

American Radio Relay League - ARRL

Amateur Radio News Line - ARNL

Wireless Institute of Australia - WIA

Radio Society of Great Britain - RSGB

South African Radio League

The announcements are updated weekly on Tuesdays.

All last between twenty to thirty minutes. Activating the audio announcements is like dialling a node. Once activated you Listen to the whole announcement or you can interrupt it and stop it.



Service ON Code

Off Code

ARRL 0121 0122 Amateur Radio Relay League
ARNL 0131 0132 Not available
WIA 0141 0142 Wireless Institute of Australia
RSGB 0151 0152 Radio Society of Great Britain
SARL 0171 0172 South Africa Radio League


These commands are available on 147.315+ FM-2m-2 and there should not be any IRLP connections active when listening to the news.

Unlike disconnecting to another IRLP mode, you must disconnect by issuing the associated off code above and not the conventional 73 off code.

Coverage note:

This repeater uses a set of antennas lower than those used to support the 147.315+ FM-2m-2 repeater. Coverage patterns will be different.

If you have questions regarding this service or offering please reach out to me.


VA3YC (at)