VE3LSR is presently linked to the Brandmeister system on the USA East switdh (3101).

All talkgroups are available but there are some defaults.

Time Slot 2

Local 2 (tg-2) is linked full-time to Local 2 on VE3ORC (Orillia) and VE3BMR (Collingwood)

Local 9 (tg-9) is a local only channel but can be used to link reflectors according to the Brandmeister instructions.

Parrot (tg-9990) is used for testing audio levels. 

Time Slot 1

Canada English (tg-3026) is default on always.

Tennessee (tg-3147) is default on always.

Canada (tg-302310) is default on always.


443.5625+ DMR-70cm