LSRA operates its own mail server and offers email hosting or re-direction to its membership.

Mailing lists are also available to be set up should you wish to set up a group for special interest notifications.

SPAM Reduction.  We use many methods to reduce the amount of spam reaching your inbox and our server is "trusted" by most of the major mail servers in play today.  If you have a problem with mail re-direction let us know so that we can investigate.  Send a message to help (at)

Upon registration of your membership an address will be set up in the form of yourcall (at) and the mail will be directed to the address you supplied at the time of registration.  If you would rather have a separate mailbox kept at the server, let us know and it can be set up for you along with instructions on how to access it.  Send an email to help (at) to activate this service.